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Industrial Minerals Company provides customized milling, blending, screening, pugging, and packaging. We are happy to work with you to find a way to make your project work. Our knowledgeable staff has worked with many companies, both small and large, to create custom finished materials to meet their specific needs.

Milling or Grinding

Our two Raymond Roller mills are capable of producing finished material in a wide range of mesh sizes. We regularly mill material as coarse as 20 mesh and other material as fine as 325 mesh. While being milled material is heated resulting in significant decreases in moisture content. Finished material can be packaged in 25-100 pound paper sacks, 400-3000 pound super sacks, or for very large orders (600,000+ pounds) pneumatic storage is available. Material needs to be 1.5" minus to be run through the mill. If the material comes in sized larger than 1.5" it will first be run through our crusher.


IMCO runs a jaw crusher to size material down to 1.5" minus. It can handle feed stock sized up to 12 inches. The output from the jaw crusher is generally fed to the mill but can also be screened or loaded directly back into a truck.


Screening is an excellent option when the feed material has a low moisture content. Screened material can be loaded into 400-3000 pound super sacks.


Materials are mixed using a ribbon blender, providing an even distribution of the verious components. Blended material can be packaged in 400-3000 pound super sacks or 25-100 pound paper sacks.

Small batch blending of glazes also available.


Pugging is the creation of a wet clay body for various ceramic pursuits. Our pugmill is available to produce custom clay bodies. Custom orders should be a minimum of 2000 lbs. Due to the time and cost of cleaning out the pugmill system before and after each clay run the cost per pound will greatly decrease for larger orders. Pugged clays are generally packaged in 25 pound poly-bags placed 2 in a box, however other configurations are available.


We have two sizes of bulk bag available 39 ft3 and 22.5 ft3. Both sizes are available with bottom spouts the larger size is also available in a plain bottom style. For paper sacks we carry five different sizes and will choose the bag that will best pack your material. After palletizing material shrink wrapping is also available to allow for outside storage and easier transportation. We are also happy to use your own custom bags. For large orders our pneumatic bulk tanks are available.


Raw material for milling, screening, or crushing needs to be delivered in end dumps or transfers. We can also receive raw ore in duffle bottom bulk bags, however, there is extra time involved handling material received in this fashion.

With our loading dock we can accommodate shipping via flatbeds, vans, or containers. For jobs using pneumatic storage and shipping IMCO is located just five minutes away from a certified scale to provide you with accurate certified measurements on the weight shipped.

General Considerations For Minimizing the Cost of a Custom Job

For milling, crushing, and screening jobs we quote a price in cost per hour. The following variables will affect the rate a material runs.

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