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concow clay tile fired
Ivory is IMCO's sculpture clay body with paper fiber added to produce a light weight clay with incredible green strength. Ivory P'ClayTM allows the sculpture to attach dry to dry, wet to dry, and even wet to bisque. In some instances, the green strength of the piece is so high, it does not need to be fired. Ivory P'ClayTM fires to a cream color in oxidation and a tan color in reduction. Recommended for sculpting and hand building. Safety Data Sheet
Recommedned Glaze Cone 10
Dry Shrink 5.3%
Fired Shrink 13% at Cone 10
Absorption 4.1% at Cone 10
potters p'clay clay tile fired
IMCO's Potters P'ClayTM is made with the potter in mind. Potters P'ClayTM retains all the desirable characteristics of paper clays, i.e. better green strength, light weight, and the ability to attach wet clay to dry, while providing excellent throwing and trimming qualities. Now you can have all the advantages of our Sculpture 412 plus the advantages provided by paper. They are now available in a clay body designed for throwing on the wheel. Safety Data Sheet
Recommedned Glaze Cone 10
Dry Shrink 6%
Fired Shrink 13.5% at Cone 10
Absorption 0.7% at Cone 10
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