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Geogia Pacific K59 Pottery Plaster (Substitute for USG Pottery #1)
This is the most widely used plaster in the ceramics industery. It is a high quality white plaster and is an excellent choice for longer-lasting slip casting molds.
Use Consistency 70 cc/100gms
Vicat Set time 20-25 minutes
Set Expansion 0.18%
Dry Density 69-70 lbs/ft3
Compressive Strength 1800-2000 psi
Manufacturer's Material Data Sheet K63
Georgia Pacific K63 Pottery Plaster (Substitute for USG Puritan Plaster TS)
The Hardest, most wear resistant Plaster made for molds, great for jiggering molds, wedging tables, or bats.
Manufacturer's Material Data Sheet Puritan
Manufacturer's Material Data Sheet K63
Used in RAM press operations as this smooth wearing dense plaster is perfect for die pressing clays.
Manufacturer's Material Data Sheet
Georgia Pacific 20 Minute Molding (Substitute for USG 20 Minute Casting Plaster)
A quick curing casting plaster which allows minimal paint absorption while providing excellent strength and chip resistance. Setting time:20 minutes
Use Consistency 70-75 cc/100gms
Vicat Set time 18-23 minutes
Set Expansion 0.15%
Dry Density 65-69 lbs/ft3
Compressive Strength 1500-2000 psi
Georgia Pacific Ultra Densite HL (Substitute for USG Hydrocal FGR-95)
A unique, high strength gypsum cement for use with glass fiber for fabricating glass-reinforced gyspum cement products. Superior product to Hydrocal FGR 95.
Manufacturer's Material Data Sheet
Use Consistency 26-32 cc/100gms
Vicat Set time 45-65 minutes
Set Expansion 0.078%
Dry Density 143-169 lbs/ft3
Compressive Strength 7800 psi
Manufacturer's Material Data Sheet K63
Georgia Pacific Densite K13 (Substitute for USG Ultracal 30)
High strength, low expanstion gypsum cement with a medium range period of plasticity.
Use Consistency 36-38 cc/100gms
Vicat Set time 15-20 minutes
Set Expansion 0.18-0.23%
Dry Density 99-102 lbs/ft3
Compressive Strength 6000-8000 psi
Manufacturer's Material Data Sheet K63
Hard and strong especially suitable where high resistance to water absorption is necessary. Cannot be worked under a template. Used in high quality art novelty and statuary castings. SHould not be cast in glue molds, but works well in plaster, rubber, or koroseal. Setting time:17 to 20 minutes.
Manufacturer's Material Data Sheet
Hydrocal White
A basic gypsum cement with a use consistency of 45 lbs. of water per 100 lbs of plaster. Can Be carved or added to. Setting expansion about twice that of casting or pottery plaster. Setting time:25 to 30 minutes.
Manufacturer's Material Data Sheet
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